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Poultry farming

The geography of the sub-holding production sites combines the Udmurt Republic, Perm Kray and the Republic of Tatarstan. Poultry farms work with modern highly efficient cross-breeding birds LohmannLSL and LohmannBrawn in the egg direction and Ross-308 in the broiler direction. The sub-holding ranks 5th in the ranking of the largest egg producers in Russia and ranks 1st in Udmurtia.
All sub-holding enterprises are gradually implementing projects for the reconstruction and modernization of production, active work aimed at reducing the harmful effects on the environment is being performed.
The development strategy of the Poultry Sub-holding provides for a gradual increase in production volumes by a modernization of production capacities and the detailed study of certain issues. The sales strategy provides for an increase in presence in federal and regional networks, a further increase in sales of packaged eggs and chilled poultry, constant work to improve the level of production service, and the quality of technological processes and finished products. The egg produced at the sub-holding poultry farms is present in the federal regional distribution networks of 29 Russian regions.

Varaksino Poultry Farm LLC
Varaksino Poultry Farm LLC (main site, Izhevsk and Votkinsk branches) became part of the KOMOS GROUP agricultural holding in 2008. Varaksino poultry farm has a closed production cycle from incubation of eggs to the finished product yield. Reconstruction of production buildings, all production sites are equipped with modern equipment. In 2017, the poultry farm received the Quality Management System Certificates of Conformity with the requirements of GOST R ISO 22000-2007, which includes the principles of HACCP, dated 28.11.2014, and a Quality Management System Certificate of Conformity in relation to the production and sale of chicken eggs, egg melange, chicken meat, by-products, semi-finished products made of poultry meat to the requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011, dated 30.01.2015. Today, under the Varaksino trademark, more than 50 items of eggs and egg products are produced. In 2018, the poultry farm underwent an audit by McDonald’s and began supplying products to the world-famous chain of fast-food restaurants. The eggs under the same brand, as well as the eggs of the Selo Zelenoye trademark, became the winners of the popular vote and the leaders of the examination conducted in the TV program “Natural Selection”.

Udmurtskaya Poultry Farm
Udmurtskaya Poultry Farm LLC is located on the territory of the Udmurt Republic and specializes in broiler farming, having its parent flock and incubation capacities. When the poultry farm entered into the KOMOS GROUP agricultural holding, more than 1 300 million rubles were invested in the reconstruction of the company for the years of 2007 - 2010. This has enabled to build and reconstruct 89 facilities, to perform immense technical re-equipment without suspending production, and to increase production volumes by more than two times. Outdated equipment was replaced by powerful modern lines, a climate control system was introduced, and high-quality storage of finished products was ensured. The Udmurtskaya Poultry Farm products are given awards and diplomas of the Russian and regional levels, it is a laureate of the Chicken King international forum. The poultry farm received a crystal prize "Symbol of Confidence", and many food products are included in the list of "100 Best Products of Russia".

Mendeleevskaya Poultry Farm LLC
"Mendeleevskaya" poultry farm is one of the leading agricultural enterprises of the Perm region, specializing in the production of edible eggs, processing and production of eggs and poultry meat. Trademark "Mendeleevskoe" – the card of the poultry farms in the home region. The poultry farm became part of the agricultural holding "KOMOS GROUP" in 2010, which served as a powerful impetus for its development. The company has implemented and is still systematically implemented investment projects that improve product quality, productivity and production growth. From 2011 to 2019, more than 500 million rubles were invested in the modernization of the poultry farm. As part of the investment projects for the reconstruction of buildings, outdated equipment for poultry was replaced by high-performance German equipment of Big Dutchman - this allowed to increase the number of poultry at the same production facilities in 2.3 times. Currently, taking into account the technology of poultry keeping, the poultry farm produces up to 800 thousand eggs daily, and during 2019 it is planned to produce 278 million eggs. In total the poultry farm makes 27 SKU, and recently began to let out branded production of agricultural holding "KOMOS GROUP" under the Federal trademarks "Selo Zelenoe (Green Village) "and" Varaksino". The poultry farm supplies products to retail chains and wholesale customers from the Urals to the Central regions of Russia. The Russian GOST R food safety management system has been implemented at the poultry farm.

Derzhavinskaya Poultry Farm
Derzhavinskaya Poultry Farm is one of the largest agricultural poultry enterprises in the Republic of Tatarstan. The company became a part of the sub-holding in 2018. By February 1 of 2019, the poultry farm has launched technological process: production facilities were brought into operable condition, a batch of Super Nick crossbreed chickens was purchased. In 2021, 150.1 million eggs were produced. As part of the enterprise, it is planned to create its own veterinary service and laboratory in order to control the conditions for keeping poultry and finished products.
Given the prospect of increasing production, all poultry farms of the Poultry Sub-holding will be able to reach the production level of 1.3 billion pieces, and that's a serious bid for leadership within Russia.


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