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Pig Breeding and Meat Processing

The sub-holding combines Vostochny LLC and Kungursky Meat Processing Plant LLC.

Vostochny LLC
Vostochny pig complex has been known on the market of the Udmurt Republic and the Ural region for many years. This is a meat company with a full production cycle - fr om reproduction to slaughter and meat processing. The company has been known in the market of the Ural region and the Udmurt Republic for many years and ranks 23th in pork production in the rating of Russian pig farms. The brand of the company has been known not only within Udmurtia but also in the market of the Ural region for 30 years. Vostochny includes the following separate devisions: "Sarapulsky meat processing plant", Pig plant "Kigbaevsky bacon", "Kiyasovsky", "Mozhginsky elevator" and "TATMIT-Agro" .
At the end of February 2008, KOMOS GROUP LLC assumed the control of Vostochny. Within the framework of the national project "Development of the agro-industrial complex", pig farms, agricultural complexes and feed milling plants were reconstructed. In 2011, the company celebrated its 25th anniversary. In 2017, a project was launched to reconstruct Sarapulsky meat processing plant to reduce production costs and update infrastructure. At the same time, the project for the construction of local wastewater treatment facilities was completed to fulfil the requirements of environmental legislation. The food safety management system, certified for compliance with the requirements of GOST R ISO 22000-2007, applies to Vostochny LLC. The products of Vostochny are diploma winners and laureates of the contest “100 Best Products of Russia”, as well as laureates of the Udmurt Republic President's Award in the field of quality.

TATMIT Agro LLC (Republic of Tatarstan)
TATMIT Agro LLC became a part of the sub-holding in 2016 and in 2021 it came under the management of Vostochny LLC. This is the second-largest modern pig-breeding complex in Udmurtia with a feed room and slaughterhouse, working with European genetics and having one of the highest rates in the feed conversion and gain in weight industry. The enterprise production capacity is more than 8.5 thousand tons of pork live weight per year. The territorial location made it possible to effectively integrate TATMIT Agro into the general production and logistics system of KOMOS GROUP assets. TATMIT Agro LLC has developed and implemented a food safety management system under the requirements of GOST R ISO 22000, based on the principles of HACCP (certificate of conformity No. HACCP RU.006.С.0109 of 20.02.2015).

Kigbaevsky Bekon LLC
The pig complex was opened in 1981. In 2004, the pig complex under bankruptcy was acquired by UdmurtNefteProduct, the owners of which later became the owners of the KOMOS GROUP agricultural holding. Today it is working under the management of Vostochny LLC. In 2005, within the framework of the federal national program “Development of the agro-industrial complex”, Kigbaevsky Bekon LLC, which had changed its form of ownership, began the reconstruction of the pig complex. The opening ceremony of the updated pig complex took place on November 27, 2007. All production sites were completely reconstructed, modern European pork production technologies were introduced, the climate control system was automated, the number of cattle places was increased, production buildings were put into operation and the repair of infrastructure facilities was begun. Investments in the pig complex reconstruction amounted to 1 billion rubles and allowed the company to increase the design capacity and performance efficiency. Today Kigbaevsky Bekon LLC is a clear example of effective investment in the development of production.

The pork production volume at three holding sites in 2021 amounted to 50.7 thousand tons; sales revenue amounted to 6.9 billion rubles.
The total number of pigs of three sites in 2021 amounted to 233.9 thousand animals.

Kungursky Meat Processing Plant LLC

The sub-holding was established in 2016, with the entry of Kungursky Meat Processing Plant LLC into the agricultural holding. The plant is annually included in the rating of 400 largest companies of the Urals and Western Siberia and in the TOP-100 largest companies of Perm Kray. KOMOS GROUP LLC provided Kungursky Meat Processing Plant with access to the holding’s raw material bases (pig farms and poultry farms), which made it possible to load the company production capacities to the greatest possible extent. The plant is equipped with modern high-tech equipment of leading European companies. The assortment of Kungursky includes more than 300 types of pork, beef and poultry products.

The main sales regions for meat products are the Udmurt Republic and Perm Kray, wh ere the sales through federal chains have grown by 25%. The distribution of these products through federal networks is actively developing in Sverdlovsk Oblast, the Republic of Tatarstan, Novosibirsk, etc. The trademark is represented in large federal networks such as Karusel, Perekrestok, Pyaterochka, Metro, Dixy, Victoria, Azbuka Vkusa, Auchan, Magnit, Giper-Globus, Semya and others.

In 2021, the volume of meat processing amounted to 69 thousand tons.


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