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Distribution and company retail chain

The agricultural holding sales strategy involves the development of retail distribution channels and sales territory expansion. Torgovaya Kompaniya, a branch of KOMOS GROUP LLC, deals with distribution. For the convenience of consumers, a retail department was also established in the agricultural holding ensuring the sale of the enterprises' products. KOMOS-Logistics LLC is responsible for the supply of products.

Torgovaya Kompaniya, a branch of KOMOS GROUP LLC

The branch was founded in May 2007 in order to organize sales of products of the enterprises of the KOMOS GROUP holding and today the company is the leader in the Udmurtia market among food distributors. The range of products supplied, the geography of supplies gradually expanded, new bases were opened. In 2012 , a warehouse complex was opened in the village . Smirnovo, a year later, a small wholesale "Meat warehouse No. 1" appeared.

Among the company's clients are more than 3,300 consignees: about 2,600 retail outlets, 300 chain outlets, more than 260 HORECA segment consignees. The goods are delivered to transnational, federal, regional and local networks: Auchan, Metro, X5, Thunder, Lenta, Agat, Deli, Meat Company. The company's fleet consists of more than 100 units of specialized transport with a GPS satellite navigation system. Round-the-clock and daily operation mode allows you to quickly deliver goods to retail chains and meet the requirements of retail formats in terms of logistics, delivery and service.

On the basis of the Branch of KOMOS GROUP LLC Trading Company there is a modern Call center with the ability to receive calls via the Hotline, offer goods, services and provide operational reporting services, quality control and quantity of incoming calls. Among other services, the company provides a full range of merchandising services on the territory of Udmurt  republic, using an automated reporting system with online access. The company's specialists always respond promptly to the needs of the client and show flexibility in cooperation. Trading Company also offers proven solutions for the provision of 3 PL services. The property has a fleet of vehicles, storage facilities with an area of more than 3,500 sq.m and a temperature range from -18 to +24, which fully meet current international standards and allow for the necessary multi-temperature storage and transportation. The use of modern software with the possibility of integration with any external information systems contributes to the achievement of work efficiency. A special pride is the experienced staff, ready to perform logistical tasks of various levels of complexity.

Myasnaya Kompaniya LLC

LLC Meat Company was established on April 15, 2013 and specializes in the sale of meat processing products, meat semi-finished products, fresh meat from manufacturers such as LLC "Vostochny", LLC Poultry farm "Varaksino", LLC Meat Processing Plant "Kungursky", LLC Udmurt poultry farm; as well as dairy products of production sites of JSC MILKOM: Sarapul-moloko, Izhmoloko, Glazov-moloko, Kez cheese factory, Perm cold storage plant "Sozvezdie" and LLC Kazan Dairy Plant.

In 2022, the trading net will be represented by 256 stores located on the territory of Udmurtia, Perm region and the Republic of Tatarstan.

Daily delivery of products allows you to keep the freshness and quality of the goods. Today Meat Company is the largest retail chain of counter type in Udmurtia. The share of agricultural holding enterprises' products in the sales structure of the "Meat Company" is more than 95%. The advantage of our trading net is a wide range, as well as an individual approach, attention and professional recommendations to each buyer.

KOMOS-Logistics LLC

KOMOS-Logistics LLC established in 2012 as part of the KOMOS GROUP holding to take of logistics. The fleet of specialized vehicles (refrigerator vehicles) is unifies and meets all standards and requirements for the transportation of food products. Now the fleet includes 157 units of modern equipment - these are cars of the brands MAN, KRONE, Mercedes, KAMAZ and SCANIA. The company supplies products of the agricultural holding KOMOS GROUP to 72 regions of the Russian Federation.
Trucks meet all standards and requirements for the transportation of food. Refrigerated semi-trailers have a body volume of 86 m3, a carrying capacity of 20 tons, can hold up to 33 euro pallets and allow compliance with temperature regimes of transportation from +20 to -25 °C. The efficiency of transport operation increased due to uniform requirements for the structural composition of the fleet and the system that regulates logistics processes. In 2021, 37,523 flights carried out by KOMOS-Logistics LLC's own transport.


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