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Crop Growing and Dairy Husbandry

The main activities of Russkaya Niva LLC are dairy breeding and crop growing to provide the companies with their own fodder base.

The Russkaya Niva group of companies includes five production sites:

  • Kigbaevo Production Site
  • Prikamye Production Site
  • Nechkinskoe Production Site
  • Agricultural Complex Babinsky
  • Agricultural Complex Kiyasovsky

Russkaya Niva LLC is one of the main milk producers in the Udmurt Republic and one of the RF twenty largest producers with annual milk production of more than 42 thousand tons. The cow number (milking herd) is 5000. The livestock of three production sites (Prikamye, Kigbaevo, Nechkinskoye) is housed in modern livestock complexes for 850 animals. In 2017, a maternity barn was built on the farm in Yurino and a calf pen was equipped; a pen for dry cows and individual calf cages were equipped at the Babinsky Agricultural Complex. Russkaya Niva LLC actively collaborates with international companies such as DeLaval, a leading manufacturer of equipment for milking process automation, Alta Genetics, the largest importer of foreign genetics in the Russian Federation.
Milk, cattle meat and grain are fully sold within the territory of the Udmurt Republic.

Every year the products undergo a quality confirmation procedure.

  • The volume of milk production in 2022 is 44.2 thousand tons.
  • Grain production in 2022 is 66.7 thousand tons.
  • The total revenue for 2022 is 1.7 billion rubles.


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