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Milk processing

MILKOM JSC, a milk-processing sub-holding, combines six production sites - Izhmoloko, Sarapul-Moloko, Glazov-Moloko, Kezsky Cheese Factory, Perm Cold Store Complex “Sozvezdie” and Kazan Dairy Factory; the latter became part of the agricultural holding in 2017. The total processing volume in 2020 amounted to 574.7 thousand tons of milk (in physical weight).
The main goal of the sub-holding team is to achieve the milk processing volume of more than 1 million tons by 2021. For this purpose, MILKOM JSC is actively investing in modernization, updating of production capacities, increasing in processing volumes and expansion of the product range.

The products of the sub-holding production sites are delivered to 72 regions of the Russian Federation.

  • The milk processing volume in 2021 is 521.3 thousand tons (in physical weight).
  • The proceeds from the product sales in 2021 is 38.3 billion rubles.

The plant was founded in 1927 and became the first production enterprise in Izhevsk to produce dairy products. The products under the same brand name have been produced since 1995. Today the plant produces whole milk and sour-milk products, sour cream, cottage cheese, desserts and butter. On August 6, 2002, Izhmoloko was the first company in the Russian dairy industry to receive Quality Management System Certificate of Conformity (ISO 9001: 2000). The plant introduced work standards to ensure a consistently high-quality product at all production stages. Receiving a certificate has raised the company to a new level of production focusing on customer satisfaction. Over the 95 years of its existence, the company has become a large production site with automated lines.

Sarapul-Moloko Production Site
Sarapul-Moloko is one of the six production sites of the MILKOM Milk Processing Sub-holding. In the early 2000s, the company began implementing an investment program to re-equip and improve technological processes. In just a few years, the company became one of the leaders in the dairy processing industry, having introduced new technologies into production and having significantly expanded the range of products. In autumn 2008, Sarapul-Moloko re-equipped the milk processing line by installing Italian equipment Frautech. This allowed the company to process and pack milk without human participation, resulting in a significant reduction of labour costs and the highest quality products. In 2011, a new production line was opened, and the products under the new federal brand “Selo Zelenoye” were presented. Today, the company produces a huge assortment of products under both regional and federal brands. Since 2006, the company has been participating in the implementation of the national program “Shkolnoe moloko” (school milk) by launching a line for the production and bottling of fortified milk and milk cocktails under the brand name “Toptyzhka”.
On January 9, 2019, Sarapul-Moloko was included in the register of companies exporting products to China. The company has become one of ten suppliers approved by China General Customs Administration and granted the right to supply milk and dairy products to the country. In 2020, the site received the appropriate permission to supply its products to the United States, and in February and May 2021, it received permission to export to the United Arab Emirates and Japan and Vietnam, respectively.

Glazov-Moloko Production Site
Glazov-Moloko is a diversified processing plant equipped with high-performance equipment. The company was the second in Russia to install a whey deep processing complex, allowing rational use of this product in food production, increasing its efficiency and ecological performance. The company produces whole milk products and dairy products, dry products and spreads, and supplies these products to the B2B market. The Glazov-Moloko site has a unique cottage cheese production with a preserved grain structure. The line capacity is 2,000 tons per year. The company has also a line for the production of sour cream with an extended shelf life without the use of preservation agents. At the end of 2017, an investment project was launched to install a line for the production of crummy cottage cheese, and an industrial warehouse for whole milk products was built. The total investment in these two projects amounted to more than 465 million rubles. Having wide experience in the production of various types of dairy products, the company simultaneously masters the production of new products, introducing modern technologies at all production stages.

Kezsky Cheese Factory Production Site
Kezsky Cheese Factory became the part of the MILKOM sub-holding in 2008. Investments in production resulted in a significant increase in sales, expansion of the company assortment and production of new gourmet cheeses - Maasdam, Tilsiter, Gouda and Suluguni.
In 2012, a new warehouse for 800 tons of cheese was built. The whey condensing department was put into operation, the capacity of which is 300 tons of processed whey per day; the department is equipped with a nanofiltration unit for separating whey into concentrate and water. In 2016, construction began on a new compressor unit, which was launched in the autumn of 2017. The equipment of the butter department was replaced by the modern high-speed weighting-and-packing machine TREPKO 822, allowing the manufacture of products in a modern packaging format, and additional containers for storing cream and buttermilk were also installed. Today, Kezsky Cheese Factory is a modern high-tech enterprise that produces more than 50 different delicious natural dairy products, which have repeatedly become the winner of the vote among buyers and the winner of the TV First Channel program “Controlled Purchase”.

Perm Cold Store Complex “Sozvezdie”
For more than 50 years Perm Cold Store Complex is one of the main food industry enterprises in the Urals. It is included in the register of enterprises exporting to China, Mongolia and the Eurasian Economic Community. Over the years, Perm Cold Store Complex has grown into a modern enterprise with a developed infrastructure. In August 2011, KOMOS GROUP LLC acquired a controlling block of shares in Perm Cold Store Complex “Sozvezdie” JSC. During this period, the production has been modernized and its facilities have been repaired. In 2017, a strategic project was launched to create a modern ice cream factory within Perm Cold Store Complex “Sozvezdie” with a production volume of up to 11,380 tons per year. At the same time, construction began on milk receiving department and milk tanker washing unit with a stored milk volume of up to 98 tons per day, intended both for internal use and for shipment to other sub-holding enterprises. The enterprise is equipped with the largest low-temperature refrigeration capacities in Perm Kray with 12,000 tons of one-time products storage, railway access and well-developed infrastructure. The company has also installed the ice cream production line SL1100 of the Tetra Pak Company, the fastest in the Russian> At the end of 2018, the Perm Kray Government and MILKOM OJSC concluded a special investment contract on interaction and state support measures in the investment project implementation "Construction (Creation) of a Modern Ice Cream Factory" at the production site of Perm Cold Store Complex “Sozvezdie”. The implementation of this strategic project will increase sales by 30% by 2020, allow further development of its brands by increasing their presence in the regions and make it possible to enter the TOP-10 ice-cream manufacturers of the> MILKOM JSC assumes obligations to achieve the declared design capacity for the period from 2018 to 2025. In turn, during the term of the contract, the Perm Kray Government is obliged to provide Sozvezdie with tax benefit as an incentive measure.

Kazan Dairy Factory LLC
The opening date of Tsentralnaya Molochnaya, that was the name of the future factory, is considered to be April 15, 1932, when it was put into operation, thereby laying the foundation for the development of the dairy industry in the capital of the Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. In 1960, it changed its name to Kazan Dairy Factory. The factory became a part of the Milk Processing Sub-holding in July 2017 as the sixth production site, and in mid-September launched its first products. A three-stage large-scale reconstruction of production and infrastructure is planned at the factory, and, at the beginning of 2019, the main modernization works have been implemented. Investments in the reconstruction of the factory will amount to more than 3.5 billion rubles.
Currently, the factory’s production capacity allows it to process more than 500 tons of milk per day. Full modernization will increase this amount up to 1,000 tons of milk per day, and provide jobs for more than a thousand people. Tax payments will amount to about 1.1 billion rubles per year. This will help the company to firmly establish itself and become the main site in the structure of the MILKOM sub-holding.


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